Helen Radnedge

Did You Know
There were probably Tasmanian Devils living your houses until humans came and killed them yes your dads dads dads dads probably you know stabbed it.
Your probably wondering how I know this well I’ll tell you.
Today Helen Radnegde a very nice,well mannered lady visited our grade 4 classrooms.She is a councillor of south ward, she told us about lots of things, that I am here to tell you.

So as I was telling you Tasmanian devils actually did live in Victoria it was scientifically proven, bones were discovered in Victoria. There was also an extremely important rare plant that was discovered in Gisborne forests.
Helen didn’t live in Gisborne when she was a child, she lived in Keillor with her parents

The Magic Flute

This performence was called The Magic Flute it was very entertaining. I liked the singing and acting although I thought Papageno could’ve done better. The dark queen was a very good singer her voice went really high. Papageno didn’t really sing but I thought it was funny when he got his mouth zipped my favourite part out of the whole thing was when the dark queen sung her line when she went really high it almost gave me a fright. Taminoa was a really good actor I thought he stayed in line quite well when the door of truth opened the guy inside was so still he didn’t even blink I thought he was a statue at the end when they were asking questions I liked the guys name Raffael.

Rap about our gnome gerome

Gerome the gnome
Doesn’t have any friends
He lives alone
I’ve never heard him
Don’t think he speaks
Haven’t heard his tone
He lives in our backyard
He wears a collar
He likes honey comb
He’s hard like stone
He ain’t soft
He ain’t made of foam


I see leaves falling from trees
I see people rugged up in big thick black sad jackets
I smell the rain
I smell the beautiful smell of green earthy leaves from big tall trees
I hear the sniffles from people of all different kinds
I hear the Leaves rustling in the wind
I taste the nice taste of curry
I taste the dry taste of wind in the misty smooth air
I feel the rough feel of brown and yellow leaves
I feel my smooth silky raincoat
I hear whispers as others sit in silence
I smell the sent of windy sad cold day today
It looks sad today as autumn sweeps the day up


The ANZAC’s left and fought in gory

and only some came back with out victory

I myself am still hurt

even thinking about it reminds me of Burt

he left on a boat wearing a slouch hat

but then he never came back

I miss that old guy and his horse Fred

but now they lie dead in Gallipoli

and I know they won’t come back to visit me

I went there myself and I’m  scarred for life

Even holding a knife scares me it’s daring



Kitchen Garden For The First Time!!!!!!

On Friday 4D had their first time in the garden it was hard work for us but everyone worked so hard!!

Everyone contributed and helped even if they didn’t like there job. A lot of people including me in their jobs. I had a lot of fun and I liked the smoothie it was thick and creamy I loved it (I’ve never tasted nutmeg).




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